Student Stories

Student Success Stories


Emily Murphy

Study Abroad

This summer I had the opportunity to study abroad in Manchester, England for six weeks to study Urban Sociology and how the rapidly changing city affects the culture and social aspects of the people that live there.  Stepping outside of the American and Southern culture and seeing this take place somewhere new allowed me to experience just how much this affects the way we as people approach careers, each other, and our own lives.  UNC Charlotte provided this opportunity for me to travel and experience a new culture by providing flexible and reasonable study-abroad options.  Traveling for six weeks with a group of fellow students and a professor that I already knew was comforting, but at the same time allowed me to move beyond my comfort zone and appreciate fully the experience that I was given!

Kyle Smith


UNC Charlotte is a young, inclusive and dynamic community that has provided me with so many great opportunities. During my freshman year, I lived in the Engineering Learning Community and made lots of friends who were also taking the same classes that I was. It was so convenient to be living with the engineering students that I was teamed up with for class projects. On weekends we'd all go into Uptown Charlotte and find new places to eat and things to do.  Now, as a Resident Advisor, I live in the residence hall, and I get to share my passion for the university and Charlotte area with new students as I plan social and educational events that encourage a sense of community and inclusiveness.  I want everyone at this school to enjoy it as much as I do! Go Niners.

 Michelle Pozos


I love UNC Charlotte because it gives me an abundant amount of opportunities to excel in my major. By my junior year, I have already had the opportunity to work in the Environmental and Structural Materials Lab where I tested the load-bearing structure of concrete beams using equipment that many engineering companies use daily.  I have been using AutoCAD, an engineering/architectural software program for my design projects.  By using these labs and software, I now have hands-on experience that directly correlates to my desired career field in civil engineering. UNC Charlotte invests heavily in having the best technology for its students, and I believe that this has benefited me in many ways so that I will be prepared for my career.

Nemah-Allah Sale & Mary Overton


Undergraduate students Nemah-Allah Sale and Mary (Tess) Overton each received the prestigious Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, becoming only the second and third students at the University ever to receive this award.  The scholarship is the premier undergraduate award of its type in the fields of mathematics, the natural sciences and engineering.  Sale, a Biology Honors student, is pursuing a bachelor's degree in biology and is a biotechnology minor and chemistry minor.  Overton, a Crown Scholar and University Honors Program student, is pursuing bachelor's degrees in biology and chemistry.

 Luke Lowry


Luke Lowry, a Crown Scholar and University Honors Program student was one of 10 students selected to attend the Fulbright Summer Institute in Glasgow, Scotland, where he will study technology, innovation and creativity at the University of Strathclyde and the Glasgow School of Art.  Lowry recently began working in a biomechanics lab where he uses electromyography to analyze muscular activity in the human body.  Additionally, he is working with fellow Crown Scholar Robert Jenkins to form a Biomedical Engineering Society on campus.

Erica Cherian

Community Service

Erica Cherian, a junior at UNC Charlotte, devoted to addressing issues of health care access and utilization by Charlotte's most vulnerable citizens.  For her work, Campus Compact has named Cherian a Newman Civic Fellow for 2017.  Newman Civic Fellows are student leaders who have demonstrated an investment in finding solutions to challenges that face their communities.  An aspiring physician, Cherian focuses her scholarship, research and volunteerism on the disparities in health care.  She has volunteered with free clinics in the Charlotte region, particularly those working with the Hispanic Population.


Alumni Success Stories

Adam Shinn

Practical Class Projects

My business classes and projects provided realistic, comprehensive, and practical insight.  What I learned enabled me to launch an e-commerce business in 2012 that is now doing six figures in . yearly revenue and growing at a rate of 200% annually.

 Staci Rae Sullivan

Engaged Faculty & Staff

The faculty and staff consistently invested their time and knowledge into my education. Now, as an Account Executive at Lowe's Corporate, I am utilizing what I learned in my public Speaking and interpersonal communications courses as I manage my project teams.

BJ Williams

Hands-On Projects

The faculty and staff in the College of Education prepared me for the world of urban education by keeping me abreast of 21st century curriculum, best practices and new trends in learning.  What sets the program apart is that you are placed in the field as soon as you take your first education class.  This opportunity was key in choosing this program.

 Eileen Jakeway

Graduate Scholar

With her selection as the University's first-ever Ertegun Graduate Scholar, UNC Charlotte's Eileen Jakeway is headed to England's University of Oxford, for what she anticipates will be one of the most intellectually rich and invigorating experiences of her life.  Jakeway, a Levine Scholar and English Honors student who graduates in May with bachelor's degrees in English, French and German, will conduct graduate studies in comparative literature.  Each year only about 20 full-time graduate students in the Humanities are chosen from throughout the world to receive this highly regarded scholarship.

Remi Ketchum

Firsthand Research

Remi Ketchum, a doctoral student in Biology, is the University's latest recipient of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship, joining the roughly 20 NSF Graduate Research Fellows on campus since 2008.  Ketchum is working in the lab of Biology Professor Adam Reitzel, conducting hands-on research utilizing marine invertebrates to understand the intersection of molecular mechanisms and environmental effects on organismal evolution.  In Reitzel's lab, she will work alongside Tyler Carrier, who also is an NSF Fellow. In garnering this competitive award, Ketchum will receive a stipend, tuition and fees, plus opportunities for prestigious federal internships and international research collaborations totaling $138,000 over three years.