Preparing for Admission

Junior Year: Spring

January - February - March

  • Meet with your school counselor to discuss your course schedule and review the college search process.
  • Create a Future 49er Portal account to get on our mailing and email list.
  • Investigate career options. Do you know what you want to major in?
  • Start practicing for the SAT and/or ACT now so that you feel comfortable by the spring and summer tests. Khan Academy offers free test prep services for the SAT that personalizes your practice.
  • Register for and take the SAT or ACT. Request that your scores be sent to UNC Charlotte. SAT code: 5105, ACT code: 3163.

March - April - May

  • Explore the university website and plan a visit.
  • Visit campus at the Explore UNC Charlotte Open House program. Take the opportunity to meet current students and faculty from our many academic programs.
  • Plan your senior year carefully, reviewing college admissions requirements and your proposed course schedule.


Junior Year: Summer

June - July - August

  • Visit, visit, visit! Take part of your summer vacation to visit campus.
  • Take the summer SAT or ACT.
  • Research scholarship opportunities and begin preparing for any scholarship applications.


Senior Year: Fall

September - October

  • Review the application deadlines and requirements. Pay special attention to any admissions and scholarship application deadlines.
  • Request that your school counselor send us an official high school transcript.
  • Take a second look at campus by visiting for a daily tour and information session.
  • Register for and take the SAT again. Remember that we encourage students to take both the SAT and ACT and to take at least one of the tests more than once.
  • Check with your school counselor to see when our admissions counselors might be visiting in your area.
  • Attend college fairs in your area. Ask questions! Have some prepared before attending the program.
  • Like our Facebook page for Future 49ers and follow us on Twitter or Instagram @UNCCadmissions and meet other students who are interested in attending UNC Charlotte.

October - November

  • Complete your application for admission by November 1st. That is our early admission deadline. Students whose applications are complete by November 1st are guaranteed a decision by January 30.
  • Remain aware of other deadlines. Keep a calendar so you do not miss important deadlines for admissions, financial aid and scholarships.