Deepali Patel

Biology & Spanish
Cary, NC
twitter: @Niner_Deepali

Why UNC Charlotte?

I came to UNC Charlotte because I wanted a fresh start. I wanted to venture out of my town and attend a school where I didn’t know many people. The diversity here was just eye-opening, and it allowed me to meet so many different people from different places and backgrounds. That’s one thing I appreciate about this institution, and I’m glad I chose to stake my claim here!

Describe a favorite activity or organization and why you like it.

I’m currently a Niner Guide with the University, and I provide weekly campus tours for the Undergraduate Admissions Office. I enjoy this program because it allows me to connect with so many different people.  I think this is my favorite student organization that I’m a part of solely because UNC Charlotte has helped me grow in so many aspects. Providing me with countless opportunities, and for me to be able to relay this to prospective students to help them hopefully gain the same opportunities is just incredible. I just love being able to share my love for the University through this program.

Describe a favorite class and why you like it.

I’m currently in a Freshwater Ecosystem’s class, and this class is probably one of my favorites because the professor is always so enthusiastic and is an all-round joy! Her genuine passion and excitement for this field is so refreshing, and it helps me appreciate the course and its overall significance. The class is also an eye-opener in terms of what I want to do for graduate school. So, I love the content and the way the class is being taught because it gives me a good idea of what I might want to pursue post-graduation.