Transfer Requirements

Passport Transfer Admission Requirements

  1. 24 transferable semester hours at CPCC.
    • Advisors at both CPCC and UNC Charlotte will work with the Passport students to choose coursework at CPCC that will allow them to make progress toward their specific major at UNC Charlotte or general education requirements.
  2. Minimum 2.0 cumulative college GPA. Some academic programs at UNC Charlotte may have additional competitive admissions requirements.
Business 2.5 Successful completion of progression courses in no more than 2 attempts
Computer Science 2.5 No grades below "C" in Computer Science courses
Engineering (excluding Mechanical) 2.5 Successful completion of Pre-Calculus (MAT 172)
Mechanical Engineering 3.0 Successful completion of Pre-Calculus (MAT 172)
Nursing 3.0 Grades of B or higher in nursingpre-requisite courses


Passport Application Process

  1. We will create your transfer application for you during your fall semester at CPCC and reach out to confirm that your information has not changed.
  2. After graduation, you will send your official final high school transcript to both CPCC (PO Box 35009 Charlotte, NC 28235-5009) and UNC Charlotte (Attn. Undergraduate Admissions 9201 University City Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28223-0001).
  3. After your fall semester at CPCC, you will submit your official CPCC transcript to UNC Charlotte for our review.
  4. You will submit your CPCC transcript to us again after your spring term showing completion of the 24 hours. Once you have completed 24 transferable hours, you will register to attend SOAR over the summer. If you decide to enroll in summer courses at CPCC also, you will send a final CPCC transcript once your summer term ends.