Passport Program

By Invitation Only...

The Passport Program is a distinctive transfer program for academically qualified freshman. Admission to the program is by invitation only.

How are applicants selected?

Qualified applicants are selected by UNC Charlotte for this competitive program based on their academic background including performance in high school coursework and competitive scores on either the SAT or ACT standardized tests.

These students begin their college career at Central Piedmont Community College where they will receive targeted academic advising, student support services, and student life opportunities on both campuses to ensure a seamless and successful transition to UNC Charlotte.


In the first year, students will complete a minimum of 24 transferable credit hours at CPCC. Advisors at both CPCC and UNC Charlotte will work with the Passport students to choose coursework at CPCC that will allow them to make progress toward their specific major at UNC Charlotte. Students who have completed the 24 transferable credit hours with a minimum 2.0 GPA are admitted to UNC Charlotte in their second year to complete their studies.

The Passport Program Support Staff at both UNC Charlotte and CPCC are committed to providing our students with the tools and services to help them succeed throughout their educational careers. On average, Passport students earn a higher transfer GPA than other transfer students.