Applying with a Fee Waiver

Fee Waivers

  • The only fee waivers we accept are ACT, College Board, and NACAC.
  • Prospective freshmen applying for admission with one of these three fee waivers must submit the online application in their Future 49er Portal.

Completing the Online Application

  • When students complete their online application, they are asked if they will be using a fee waiver to pay for their application fee.
  • If they answer yes, then they are allowed to submit their application without payment.
  • However, the student’s application will remain incomplete and unprocessed until we receive their ACT, College Board, or NACAC fee waiver.
  • Fee waivers must be submitted via mail or hand delivery.
  • Faxed or emailed copies are not accepted as official.
  • Students should not choose this option if they are not positive that they are being provided a fee waiver, because they can’t go back and choose another payment option later.

College Application Week

  • The CFNC application will support fee waivers only during College Application Week.
  • Students applying with an official fee waiver must submit the ACT, College Board, or NACAC fee waiver to continue processing of this application.
  • Please note: CFNC College Application Week falls after the November 1 early application deadline.


  • Only prospective freshmen (current seniors in high school) are eligible for approved ACT, College Board, or NACAC fee waivers to cover their application fee.